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Welcome to your library! MCML is dedicated to being a community-centered public library. We serve all of the citizens of Marshall County, TN from our locations in Lewisburg and Chapel Hill.

We have over 123,000 items in our collection to serve your entertainment, education and lifelong learning needs. We also have 20 public internet-ready computers that are free for anyone to use, as well as free wi-fi. We host programming and special events each week for both children and adults, including an extensive Summer Reading program each year.

If you wish to make a genealogy inquiry please click here.

Our staff is available to help you navigate the library, answer your reference questions and help out with other needs that fall within the library's purview.

We welcome your input about library collections and programming. If you have suggestions for the library, please contact the Director, Jennifer Pearson, at 931-359-3335 or Or just stop by.

Curbside Service 
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Monday - Friday 


Lewisburg ONLY
  • Patrons can search the Library’s catalog at website at to reserve an item using their library card or call the library at 931-359-3335 or email  to request up to 5 items per library card.
  • A staff member will gather the requested items, check out the items to the patron account and notify them when the items are ready for pickup.  
  • A bag with the requested materials will include the checkout receipt. The patron’s name and the date requested are on the outside. If someone other than the patron who requested the items will pick them up, that person’s name should be listed in addition to the patron’s name.
  • Requested items to be held for 3 days unless extenuating circumstances.
  • Patrons drive to the Library and call 931-359-3335 when they are in the parking lot. 
  • The drive-thru and outdoor walk-up drops are open.  Patrons use the outside book drops ONLY to return items. 

Need something to read but don't yet have a library card?

You can now use TN R.E.A.D.S without a library card! All you need is a valid mobile phone number.You can access TN R.E.A.D.S by clicking the picture to the right.TN R.E.A.D.S. offers users more than 197,000 eBooks, 75,000 audiobooks, and 4,100 videos, with new and popular titles being added every month. The digital titles can be downloaded or streamed to tablets, smartphones, computers and e-readers.

Marshall County Memorial Library is FINE FREE

What does this mean?
  • In a nutshell it means that we are not charging fines. If you bring an item back—you do not get charged a fine. Even if you have had it since WW II.
  • The only time that we are going to charge is for LOST ITEMS. IN other words—if you don’t bring it back—you have to pay for it.
What changes?
  • All fines should be wiped out. Please bear with us as we work through any technical challenges on our end as we roll out the policy. If you bring back an item and a staff member sees a fine on your account-- they should wipe it out and not charge a late fee. We are all getting used to this. Feel free to remind us if we forget and ask you for a late fee.
  • Nothing changes in regards to other circulation policies. Same check-out periods, renewal process, overdue processes (without fines attached—just a reminder), lost item processes. All the same.
  • If you have an item out over 21 days-- we will still send you a notice that it is "lost" and charge you the lost item fees. If you bring it back-- NO FINES!
Why are we doing this?
  • Many libraries are going fine free. The reasons vary—but basically being fine free removes a barrier to library services. This is especially true for children. They are “responsible” for their items but have to rely on their parents to ensure that items are returned on time. As a parent—I know that often my kids’ library items have been late for a variety of reasons. Most of which are my fault—not theirs.
  • We are doing this to alleviate the barriers and to encourage people to bring back their items. Ultimately—we want the stuff back so that we can continue to share it with the community. That’s the goal.
Want to know more about why libraries are doing this? Feel free to check out any of these links to learn more...
If you have questions about this new policy please don't hesitate to contact me by calling the library at 931-359-3335, emailing me at or stopping by to see me.


Jennifer Pearson, Director, Marshall County Memorial Library


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