Teen Anti-Valentine Party

Not a fan of Valentines Day or just looking for something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon? Join us for some Anti-Valentine day crafts, food and tunes! For ages 11 - 17

The Wands of Procyon Theft Mystery Night

Wizard mystery night
Welcome, to Hyades School for Wizards! This castle, hidden high in the mountains, is the place for young wizards and witches to learn to use their magical powers. Recently, Hyades School for Wizards has become the temporary home of The Wands of Procyon – two wands so powerful they are said to have been used to form a hidden galaxy! But when the Wands of Procyon are stolen from their display case, magic is used to see who was in the Torchwood Room, where the wands were displayed, around the time of the theft. Suddenly some of Hyades School for Wizards’ best students find themselves suspects in a theft! Secrets abound and not everyone is who they seem in this mystery designed for literature and magic-loving kids and adults!

This mystery is a 5/5 on the Angel Rating Scale. The mystery to solve is a theft, and it is suitable for clever 9 year olds and up.
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